Super Duper Biography

Super Duper is a duo unit newly formed by solo dance performers, Kenichi Ebina and Takahiro Ueno. Some of you may recall both names from Herlem New York's very own, the world famous Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater. Both Kenichi and Takahiro won Grand Champion in the "Amateur Night", weekly contest held at the Apollo Theater and TV Program and "Showtime at the Apollo", the TV program also held at the Apollo Theater.

Their 90min show is truly a mind tweaking experience. Infusing various styles of such street dancing from hip hop, poppin’, lockin’ to house, added with more modern dance approach of jazz, contemporary and ethnic. And it just doesn't stop there by combining mime, magic and sound and lighting illusion effects.

Their creative and unique show entertains anyone who may or may not be interested in performing arts. Super Duper’s first full-length show launched in April 2010 touring cities in the US. Be ready for the mind tweaking experience!

Check the Video page for some of the performance snippets from their 90 min program!

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Who's Super Duper?!

Kenichi Ebina

Kenichi Ebina

Kenichi Ebina is a self-taught dance performer, choreographer and director. Kenichi has been performing his solo pieces at many events, TV shows and teaching throughout the world: USA, Europe, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan and Australia. Kenichi also has performed, directed and choreographed many projects including dance and theater companies.

Kenichi is the only two-time Grand Champion at Apollo Theater contests in its history winning Amateur Night in 2001 as the first and the only Japanese performer and the TV program, Showtime at the Apollo in 2007 after 7 continuous winning.

Kenichi was invited as a speaker (performer) in TED TALKs 2007. (TED is annual conference where thousands including celebrities attend to see 50 speakers from former US president, novel prize winners, presidents of large enterprise, prominent inventers to artists).

Kenichi's other credits include; guest performance at private parties such as Madonna in prague and Simon Cowell's massive birthday party in London 2009, TV show "Maury Show: Most Outrageous Talent show" and kids educational TV program "Angelina Ballerina" as well as other international TV programs.

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Takahiro Ueno

Takahiro Ueno

Takahiro Ueno is one of the most well known solo performer from Tokyo Japan. The initial break of Takahiro into the entertainment world was being awarded as a Ground Champion (9 time continuous winning) in 2006 at the dance contest "Showtime at the Apollo” held at the legendary theater Apollo Theater in Harlem NY.

His name became so well known that many Americans started to mention his name whenever they meet their new Japanese friends. In 2007, he choreographed the mass dance performance for the opening ceremony of the IAAF World Athletic Championship.

Takahiro’s original style does not only represnet Hip Hop and Pantomime but also boasts the edges of contemporary dance to martial arts giving an impression as if Samurai has flown out of Japan to create a new perfoming arts genre that doesn't belong to the conventional performing arts world.

Takahiro's recent higlight includes touring with Madonna for her "Sticky and Sweet" tour in 2009 and organizing and choreographing 200-dancers guerrilla performance in the heart of Tokyo for Japanese Premire of Madonna's "Sticky and Sweet" tour. News Week Japan selected Takahiro in "Most Respected Japanese 100".

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